Rushmore provides qualified assistance to companies in successfully implementing extraordinary operations, strategic planning processes, corporate finance and international development, unique initiatives or complex projects.

We specialize in the following areas:

  • Assistance for identification, negotiation and closing of extraordinary operations

  • Strategic planning and support to international development

  • Advisory on venture capital, private equity and project finance initiatives

  • Consulting and support for analysis, planning and execution of complex activities and projects

We are extremely specialized in these areas and we can assist also in unique or very complex deals delivering excellent results.

Our Clients are delivered the best results thanks to solutions that rely on our experience, on a specialist network built over years, as well as on methodologies, tools and professional competences.

We support the ownership and the management during all phases of an extraordinary deal, assisting them to build and maintain a positive work environment, without chaos and avoiding irreparable issues.

Whenever needed, we also devise ad hoc higher training sessions, dedicated to the top management and the owners, to successfully afford complex projects and extraordinary deals.

To conquer and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage, we provide assistance in strategic planning activities and in identifying the best competitive strategy for your business.

Qualified support and coaching during the execution are provided, together with concrete solutions that fit in each single specific case: we deliver operational tools to safely manage even the most demanding challenges.

In some cases, we assist Clients with assignments for board representation, interim, temporary or transition management in order to face critical situations for the time needed to substitute vacant positions, and we can coach the new candidates so that their effective actions are faster than usual.